Hiking is the miller’s desire

13. April 2014 | categories: Hiking

Once again I have time to hike a bit further on the way from St. Gallen to Geneva. This time it is Bern – Fribourg’s turn. The weather forecasts have predicted fantastic hiking weather.

Early morning at five o’ clock the alarm sounds. Just print the map and head to Berne. After a few minutes of wandering around the station and realizing that there is no signpost at the station, I set out along the tram track towards Bümpliz.

In Ausserholligen finally the first signpost to Bümpliz Süd. I continue through the Könizberg Forest and along forest and meadow paths to Thörishaus. On the way I meet cows with calves and a dead mole. In Thörishaus I strengthen myself with a Rösti (strengthening for crossing the Röstigraben) with pork bratwurst (it is probably better, because the probably couldn’t reach our Olmabratwurst anyway.) and onion sauce.

Strengthened it goes on to Ueberstorf and through the idyllic Menzihaus (I can only hear the brook rustling and the birds chirping) to St. Antoni. On the way I meet llamas, sheep with young lambs, yaks, other cows with calves and ostriches. And flowers as far as the eye can see. In Tafers is on the signpost: 1h 05m to Fribourg. Thirty minutes later, when the next signpost still says 1h 05m to Fribourg, I wonder whether the signposts had already invented beaming (it was probably simply due to the fact that different quarters in Fribourg were meant to be.).

30 minutes later I cross the Röstigraben and have a first look at the city of Fribourg. Finally I arrived there and found out that I was allowed to walk for another hour to the station. After ten hours of hiking I arrived at the station and got back to St. Gallen with tired legs.

I would recommend the route from Tröcktishaus Dorf to St. Antoni. The route takes about 3-4 hours and you can see a lot of animals on the way, depending on the season also young animals. This route is not suitable for families with prams, as it contains narrow hiking trails.