If you love the mountains, you also accept that they set the conditions.

9. April 2015 | categories: Hiking

Easter holidays + nice weather =? Exactly: It is time to start the next stage. This time I start in Bulle and walk towards Lake Geneva.

The alarm clock rings at five in the morning. Quickly grab a croissant and a roll at the baker’s and I’m sitting in the train to Bulle. At 9:45 am I arrive in Bulle and leave. After about 30 minutes the ascent to Les Alpettes begins. The path stretches out, but in most places it goes slowly upwards.

From 1200 meters on, the first places with snow on the way. The amount of snow increases with height. After Les Alpes it goes briefly down. Then begins the ascent to the Niremont. The trail leads through a nature reserve, through which no one has walked for the last few days. Since everything is covered with snow, I have to find my own way. Due to the large amount of snow, the ascent is strenuous, even if there are only about 150 meters of altitude left.

After about four hours of ascent you reach the summit. Here comes the reward. There is a wide view of the Mittelland, the Alps (e. g. Le Moléson), the Gruyères and Lake Geneva.

Then follows the descent. Meadows full of crocus flowers sweeten the way down to Les Paccots. Les Paccots is a long drawn-out village overlooking the mountains.

After another one and a half hours more or less along the road I reach Châtel de St. Denis after a total of seven hours and 15 minutes. Since the snow and the difference in altitude (800 meters uphill, 700 meters down) were very strenuous, I end my day hike here and run the remaining two and a half hours to Lake Geneva the next time.

Tip: In summer there is no snow in the height. Then you can also admire the many different plant species in the nature reserve and the shoes tend to stay dry. Then the route should be feasible according to the hiking trail in approx. 6h40min.

P.S. The title is by Jean-Christophe Lafaille.