The landscape is conquered with the soles of shoes, not with car tires Translated with

26. June 2015 | categories: Hiking

It’s 4:30. The alarm clock suddenly rips me out of my dreams. About an hour later I was on the train to Lausanne. With the Interregio we continue to Rolle, which I reach at 9:45 am. With nice weather I start the hike.

First the trail leads up to Nyon and away from Lake Geneva. In order not to move too far away from Lake Geneva, I turn off into the cycle path. On the way it has many different fields: vines, cereals, corn and many other species. After about an hour I reach the Way of St. James, which goes further down.

The Way of St. James feeds on Lake Geneva, but remains slightly elevated all the time. The path continues through Dully to Gland.

In Gland I meet on a pilgrim of St. James. He comes from Augsburg and has been on the road for several days. We decide to go further together.

On the way, Hans tells me that he is running a piece of the Way of St. James for the second time now. A year ago, he marched all the way to Constance. 16 days ago he started from Constance with the goal to run to Geneva.

In Prague, the pensioner and former construction supervisor wants to go to the church to get a stamp. Resigned, he comes out and thinks there’s probably no stamp here. No one can help him in the parish hall either. It’s not that bad, he would have collected a lot of stamps.

In Nyon we’ll have dinner together. He orders a Schüblig after I told him it was a sausage. I eat a portion of tortelloni. After a break of about 30 minutes we set off to the next bigger town and day destination Coppet.

After a total of 27 km and 6h 10min walking time we reach Coppet. “Now I’ve walked from Constance to here in the Crocks,”says Hans. I really wonder how he managed not to have his whole foot full of leaves.

At the end of the hike I briefly cool down in Lake Geneva. It’s a little too cold for me to swim much longer.

At the station I say goodbye to Hans and wish him a good journey home the next day.

On the way home, I’m almost stranded in Yverdon-les-Bain. There would be a technical problem on the route to Neuchâtel and the continuation of the journey would be postponed indefinitely, is explained in French. After another ten minutes it is said that the train is cancelled and we should go back to Lausanne and then via Bern, again only in French. Many elderly people understood nothing and stood there asking questions.

There is of course no train back to Lausanne and the train to Fribourg does not go either. The scoreboard changed almost every minute between “Ne montez pas” and “Lausanne”. A short time later it sounds through the station announcement that replacement buses were being organized. Of course, this announcement is only in French. A few minutes later the announcement sounds again in beautiful French, the track is free again. We’re supposed to take the train that leaves an hour later. The confusion is perfect. The train leaves ten minutes late and takes me to St. Gallen without any further problems. Announcements on the train are professionally made in French, German and English so that everyone understands them.

Tip: It is worth visiting Coppet once. It is a beautiful village and also has a castle.

P.S. The title is by the French writer Georges Duhamel.