It’s Monday night. About an hour ago I climbed up the Lycabettus Hill and now I enjoy the sunset over Athens. But let’s start from the beginning… (more…)

It’s probably one of the most beautiful things there is to hike a country.

At six o’ clock I get up and strengthen myself with a good breakfast. I’m driving with my parents to Vevey, which we reach at eleven o’ clock. I say goodbye to them and wish them a wonderful holiday in Spain. Then I march off towards the Valais. (more…)

What you think is the summit is just a level

At seven o’ clock in the morning, my cell phone rings out of my sleep. A short time later I was sitting in Düdingen on the train to Fribourg. From there, you take the Intercity to Lausanne and the Interregio to Aigle. The weather is cloudless and ozian blue. (more…)

At least you will miss one thing at the destination of your desires: your hiking to the destination

At 4:30 a. m. the alarm clock rings out of my sleep. Soon I’ll be on the train to Lausanne. Between Zurich and Olten there is an announcement that the train will be rerouted due to a route interruption outside Lenzburg. On the smartphone I find out that it’s a contact line fault. There I also find out about another disturbance in the overhead line between Lausanne and Geneva. The Intercity then only goes as far as Lausanne. The Regioexpress to Coppet is delayed, but it can travel as far as Coppet because the route is already restricted again. So I arrived in Coppet with only a short delay despite two disturbances. (more…)