At least you will miss one thing at the destination of your desires: your hiking to the destination

4. July 2015 | categories: Hiking

At 4:30 a. m. the alarm clock rings out of my sleep. Soon I’ll be on the train to Lausanne. Between Zurich and Olten there is an announcement that the train will be rerouted due to a route interruption outside Lenzburg. On the smartphone I find out that it’s a contact line fault. There I also find out about another disturbance in the overhead line between Lausanne and Geneva. The Intercity then only goes as far as Lausanne. The Regioexpress to Coppet is delayed, but it can travel as far as Coppet because the route is already restricted again. So I arrived in Coppet with only a short delay despite two disturbances.

From the station it goes first uphill easily. Soon I reach the Way of St. James to Geneva. It is already very warm at the beginning, the veil clouds make the weather still bearable.

A short time later I reach Tannay, which is decorated for the three-day village festival. At the fountain I refresh myself to make the hot weather more bearable.

During the hike I try to walk in the shade where possible and soon reach Mies.

I’m having lunch at Versoix. At two-minute intervals you can hear and see airplanes above you loading at Geneva Airport. It’s easy to understand why local residents complain about aircraft noise in certain places. But somewhere the planes must fly well or over and in the future there should be quieter aircraft. 

A little after Versoix you reach Genthod. The path then follows the tracks. The temperatures are meanwhile over 30°C. This way the fountain is just right on the way. To cool down I hold my head under the splashing tap.

After an ascent and a slightly longer descent you reach Geneva. Passing by the WTO (World Trade Organisation) we approach the centre. Soon the trail leads to the lake shore and one walks along the shores of Lake Geneva.

Badi’s the reward. With a swim in Lake Geneva I am happy to have reached my goal of walking from St. Gallen to Geneva. If you think the title is true for me, you’re way off. There is still a lot to see in Switzerland and so I will hike up the Valais next. Starting point is Vevey.

After the well-deserved cooling-down in Lake Geneva, I walk to the train station and drive back home. The hike took four hours and was 18 kilometres long.

Tip: From the Badi in Geneva you have a wonderful view of the city. Admission is also very cheap with two francs for adults. A diving tower, climbing tower and several fins complete the bathing fun. The whole can be well connected to a visit of the UNO.

P.S. The title is by the Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.