It’s probably one of the most beautiful things there is to hike a country.

12. July 2015 | categories: Hiking

At six o’ clock I get up and strengthen myself with a good breakfast. I’m driving with my parents to Vevey, which we reach at eleven o’ clock. I say goodbye to them and wish them a wonderful holiday in Spain. Then I march off towards the Valais.

Right in Vevey we go to the shores of Lake Geneva. I approach Montreux in beautiful weather.

Montreux currently hosts the Jazz Festival. Since it is only lunchtime, you can only listen to music from the market stalls.

The trail continues past Chillon Castle. A short time later I reach Villeneuve.

After Villeneuve, the trail leaves Lake Geneva and passes through a bird sanctuary. Lake Geneva seems to be swallowed up by the ground, and you won’t see it for the whole hike. The panorama change is quite abrupt. The path then leads along a canal. You can see the mountains on both sides.

A little bit after Chessel you hike along the Rhône until you reach Aigle.

After almost 29 kilometres I reach Aigle and take the train to Gurmels, where a cousin lives with her boyfriend. With fine grilled food we let the day end.

Tip: From Vevey to Villeneuve it goes along the lake. You can bathe in several places. In Villeneuve there is also a swimming pool. This part of the trail can also be well walked with the stroller. If you don’t have enough after that, you can also make a short trip to the bird reservoir.

P.S. The title is from the Austrian photographer and folklorist Erika Hubatschek.