What you think is the summit is just a level

12. July 2015 | categories: Travel

At seven o’ clock in the morning, my cell phone rings out of my sleep. A short time later I was sitting in Düdingen on the train to Fribourg. From there, you take the Intercity to Lausanne and the Interregio to Aigle. The weather is cloudless and ozian blue.

In Aigle, the trail goes up to the castle first. Then we continue up the mountain more or less next to the train to Les Diablerets.

After about one hour and 240 meters of altitude difference, you have reached the “summit” of the hiking trail (approx. 650 meters above sea level) and descend to Ollon.

Afterwards I hike in the Thal to Bex. In Bex I enjoy lunch in a restaurant.

From Bex it goes up another 100 meters of altitude. Afterwards you come to Lavey-Morcles. Afterwards you will pass the place where the water comes from the hydroelectric power station. Shortly afterwards you reach the Rhone. After 800 metres you will reach the Valais side of the Rhone.

The footpath now goes along the Rhone up to the Rhone knee.

At the Rhone knee, a canal leads to Martigny. I reach the station after about eight hours and 34 kilometres. I get on the train and drive via the Lötschberg base tunnel back to St. Gallen.

Tip: If you are good on foot, but don’t want to do such a long tour, you can walk from Aigle to Bex. It is advisable to do the hike with good footwear, as the path from Aigle to Ollon is partly narrow and close to the abyss. Finally, in Bex the Saline can be visited. Bex is one of three salt flats in Switzerland next to Schweizerhalle and Riburg.

P.S. The title is written by the Roman poet and philosopher Seneca