It’s Wednesday, July 22nd. After a half-day stop in Prizren I wait for the bus to Tirana, which leaves in just over an hour. A lot of taxi drivers ask me if I need a cab. I’ll let you know that the bus is much cheaper. Then someone will come and offer it to me for 20 euros in Italian, he can’t speak English. I let him know that the bus would only cost about ten euros. Then he wants to drive me to Tirana for ten euros. When he confirmed to drive me to the hostel, I agreed. (more…)


It’s Monday, July 20, 2015. After a four hour bus ride from Skopje I arrive at the bus station in Pristina. There I find out that an American from the bus must go to the same hostel as I and we take together a taxi for three euros. He drives us to the Swiss Diamond Hotel. From there it is only about 100 meters on foot through the pedestrian zone to Han Hostel on the other side of the street. (more…)


After a few days in Greece I arrive in Skopje on Friday, July 17th. As the weather is extremely hot, I take a taxi to Hostel Kalonis. The young nice lady at the reception desk welcomes me and shows me the air-conditioned room. (Later it turns out that she also studies political science in her master’s degree. (more…)

In Africa, many are still affected by extreme poverty Translated with

In 2000, the heads of state and government of the UN General Assembly decided, among other things, to halve extreme poverty. This goal was achieved. Nevertheless, over one billion people still live in extreme poverty. The article shows where extreme poverty has decreased and where it is still high.  (more…)