18. August 2015 | categories: Travel

It’s Monday, July 20, 2015. After a four hour bus ride from Skopje I arrive at the bus station in Pristina. There I find out that an American from the bus must go to the same hostel as I and we take together a taxi for three euros. He drives us to the Swiss Diamond Hotel. From there it is only about 100 meters on foot through the pedestrian zone to Han Hostel on the other side of the street.

To get to the hostel we first have to walk up to the fourth floor. It would have a lift, but it doesn’t work. A comfortable bed awaits us there. After a break we go to the restaurant recommended by the hostel.

Pristina from below and above

The next day I walk aimlessly through the city. After a few hundred meters I reach a road that goes uphill. After some time and a few dead ends I reach an external quarter on the hill and have a view of the city. But most of it is covered by houses.

When I go downstairs I buy drinks in a neighbourhood shop, whereupon the salesman asks me where I would come from. As far as outside of the city centre hardly any tourists ever get lost. For 1.5 litres of mineral water and two litres of soda I only pay a little more than one euro.

Back at the hostel I take a break before a Canadian asks me if I want to explore the center. I say yes and so we walk through the pedestrian mile together. After some time and a pizza we take the lift up to the church tower and enjoy a wonderful view of the city.

Afterwards we visit the monument to the declaration of independence of Kosovo (Newborn) and walk through the vegetable market. For one euro you get four kilograms of potatoes or three kilograms of plums.

In the evening I have dinner with the Canadian and a female Canadian in the same restaurant where I had dinner with the American yesterday. She was in Prizren today and recommends that we visit it.

Prizren on the way to Albania

So I visit Prizren the next day with the Canadian, which is anyway on the way to Tirana. There I booked the next hostel. After about 1.5 hours bus ride we reach the small town.

The visit is really worthwhile. Prizren has a small river, a mosque and a church. After some time we have seen enough and are looking for a restaurant.

The Canadian chooses a restaurant that appeals to him. I eat a salad plate with French fries and a chicken skewer for 1.5 Euro. I pay about the same amount for both drinks.

After dinner, we’ll go back to the bus station. The Canadian drives back to Pristina. I will continue my journey to Tirana. (continued)