16. November 2015 | categories: Travel

It’s Saturday, July 25, 2015, and I’ll take a minibus from Shodra and drive across the border to Ulcinj. There I take the connecting bus to Budva. Originally I wanted to spend at least one day there. However, as all affordable hostels are already fully booked and all were enthusiastic about Kotor, I only change there to the connecting bus, which takes me to Kotor.

After arriving in Kotor, I immediately set off on foot to the beautiful old town of Kotor, about 500 meters away Hostel Old Town Kotor. In the hostel my room will be shown to me immediately. After a rest I look at the old town.

On Sunday I sleep in and take a walk along the lagoon. I spend the afternoon reading on the beach.

The next day the alarm clock sounds out of my bed at 4:45. A short time later I put on my socks and walk up to the castle to watch the sunrise. Even though it’s still fresh, my face is running sweaty.

After about an hour at the castle I continue my hike (again dry) into the mountains. So that I don’t produce as much fluid with the sweat as if it were raining, I’m going to make it a bit more comfortable.

At about 960 meters above sea level (it is now about 9 o’ clock) I find a restaurant and look at the menu. Since there is nothing on the menu for breakfast, I ask the innkeeper if he has something for breakfast. He could make me an omelette with cheese, ham and mushrooms, which I will order right away. When asked if the water is drinkable, he says he can fill up my bottle with her tank. When I asked for the bill, he laughed and said it was only three euros for the omelette. He did not have to write a bill for that. He was proud to do it all by himself. I give him some more tips and continue my hike.

After a few hours I reach a mountain peak at 1650 meters above sea level. I enjoy the view and eat a sandwich in the mountain restaurant. It is a pity that a road leads from the other side up to the mountain and the summit is overcrowded.

After a break, I’m on my way back. In the lower third I meet a young Pittsburgh girl (where I spent my exchange year in 2006/2007) running across Montenegro. I walk the rest of the hike down to the village with her.

When I arrive in Kotor after more than 10.5 hours of hiking time, it is already getting darker.

The next day I continue my journey and take the bus to Dubrovnik.