19. November 2015 | categories: Travel

It’s Tuesday, July 28, 2015. I take the coach from Kotor to Dubrovnik. At noon I reach the Croatian town and walk to My Way Hostel Dubrovnik.

After a break I walk to the old town. These are surrounded by a large wall. If you pay the equivalent of 14 euros, you can even climb up the wall and walk around. At this price I prefer to let it be, because there is enough to see in the old town. It has countless churches, narrow and wide streets, a drumming changing of the guard and two artists who put parrots on people’s shoulders so that the relatives could take photos of them with the parrots.

In the evening I meet with Stefan Staub, our former deacon. He is on the Balkans with his eldest daughter for a week. On Facebook we found out that we were both in the same area and had dinner together. As an army chaplain, he is often in the Balkans. Today, especially in Kosovo, when he visits the Swisscoy troops.

The next day I climb up to the hill in the middle of the day to enjoy the view. The ascent takes about 45 minutes and goes through a forest at the beginning. I could also have taken the cable car, but then I would have paid the equivalent of about 10 euros and got the view without having to do anything about it. So it’s just more fun.

After the descent I go to a bathing place. Cooling down after the hike feels really good. I spend the afternoon swimming and reading. I talk to a French tourist in French (although she can speak English) and with others in English. After a few hours I go back to the hostel and have a cosy evening.

On Thursday morning I get up early and take the eight o’ clock coach to Mostar. To be continued.