Only where you’ve been on foot, you’ve been real.

23. December 2015 | categories: Hiking

Shortly after eleven o’ clock a good sleep I get on my way to the train station and take the S-Bahn to Zurich main station. There I get something to drink on the way and head along the Limmat in the direction of Lake Zurich.

At Bellevue I reach the lake and walk more or less along the shore to Thalwil. First of all, the trail goes mainly along the lake, but as soon as you leave the city, it goes along a busy road.

In Thalwil I leave the shore and hike uphill towards Sihlwald. After about 200 metres of ascent, the trail goes through the forest for a long time.

As soon as you leave the forest, the trail goes along the edge of the forest. I walk past a farm with Christmas tree sales, a beehive and many walkers who like me enjoy the beautiful December day.

Afterwards we climb the Zimmerberg up to 760 m. a. s. l. From there you have a view of the city of Zurich, Lake Zurich and Lake Zug.

After the ascent I walk down to Sihlbrugg. Crossing the Sihl I reach the canton of Zug. At an intense sunset I walk down to Baar for the last hour and a half.

When I arrive in Baar after about 6.5 hours and 30 kilometres it is already quite dark. At the train station I take the S24 back to Zurich.

Tip: From Zurich to Thalwil you often have to walk along the main road. I would therefore recommend to start in Thalwil and take the signpost to Sihlwald. As soon as you get out of Thalwil, there are practically no more roads. As soon as you see the signpost in the direction of Hirzel, you can follow it. A little after Zimmerberg and shortly before Hirzel, the turnoff appears to Sihlbrugg. In Sihlbrugg there is a bus to Baar, which runs every half hour. This part takes about three hours and is also suitable for families. You have different landscapes and an extremely beautiful view of Lake Zurich, Lake Zug and the Alps. Far away you can also see the city of Zurich.

P.S. The title quote is by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe