Whoever wants to walk in joy, go to meet the sun

30. December 2015 | categories: Hiking

It’s 4:40. I get up, have breakfast and take the first S-Bahn to Zurich. Afterwards I climb the IC to Valais. I reach Martigny at 8:50. Although the weather forecast is bright and beautiful, the weather forecast shows that it will soon be foggy.

First I walk along the Rhone in the fog. After about one and a half hours I have enough of the fog and try to find it on the way that follows the mountain slope.

After a while the path goes uphill. At the highest point I see the sun for a moment, before it goes down into the fog again.

Shortly before Leytron the fog slowly disappears and the sun shines in full splendour.

The path goes through the vineyards. Many farmers prune the vines. The mountain panorama is fantastic.

Shortly before V├ętroz, I arrive at a pizzaria. Afterwards I walk along the main road until the path branches off to Mont d’ Orge. From there you have a fantastic view of Sion.

In Sion I walk directly to the station and take the train back to the canton of Zurich.

Tip: Those who are in Sion and have time should definitely take a walk over the Mont d’ Orge. The walk takes about 45 minutes and you can take the bus in one direction. For a long route I recommend the wine trail around Saillon/Leytron. You get up a little bit and have a fantastic panorama. Those who prefer flat river walks can walk along the whole stretch of the Rhone. However, it can quickly become boring as the path hardly changes.

P.S. The title quote is from the German poet Emanuel Geibel, who lived in the 19th century.