Hiking is my source of energy!

13. March 2016 | categories: Hiking

It is Saturday March, 12th 2016, 4:50 a.m. I’m getting ready to hike. Since I’m a little late, I run the last hundred yards to the station. Luckily, the S-Bahn is also a little late. But just as I’m running on the platform, the train starts its journey. But instead of driving away, he only drives towards me and lets me get in. That’s what I call a service.

At half past eight I reach Sion and head straight for the Upper Valais. From Sion it goes up into the vineyards. All day long I see a lot of people cutting back the vines.

After Sion, the road leads to St. Leonard. On the way I meet a swarm of alpine jackdaws with about 200 to 300 birds, which fly by about three meters. The trail continues to Sierre, which I reach after about four hours of hiking. That’s where I have lunch.

After lunch, the second stage begins towards Leuk. Shortly after Sierre I cross the stream Raspille and reach the Upper Valais. From here on, the hiking trail signs are written in German again.

Shortly after the language border I reach Salgesch. We continue on to Varen and from there to Leuk.

Shortly before Leuk, the trail descends down to the Rhône to reach the other side of the valley.

Afterwards the trail leads up to Leuk. Arrived there go down to the station. I reach Leuk station after about 7h 30min walking time. There I take the next train to Visp and return home.

Tip: From Sierre station to Leuk it takes about three hours. However, the hiking trails in Sierre are somewhat badly marked, so it is worthwhile to take a hiking map with you, be it printed or on your smartphone. From the language border on, the paths are well marked again. The trail passes through vineyards and crosses the language border. In addition, one has a good view of part of Valais.

P.S.: The title quote from the Austrian mountaineer Gelinde Kaltenbrunner.