On the most directway to Brig

3. May 2016 | categories: Hiking

Early in the morning I get out of bed. After a good breakfast I will soon be on the train to Valais. At 8:20 am I reach Visp shortly after the end of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. Follow the trail to Brig, which is signposted with 2h 45min.

The hiking trail climbs up to Eggenberg. On the ascent I meet a Basel resident who regularly goes hiking in Valais and today wants to see how high he comes up before the snow comes. He goes regularly to Valais because it is so close in time with just two hours of train travel. After reaching the top after about 30 minutes, it is suddenly 3h 10min to Brig. The ascent was definitely worthwhile thanks to the view.

The Sonnenweg more or less follows the track of the Lötschberg mountain route. Next to a pair of shepherds who were out and about with their sheep and some high-voltage line workers I meet only a few people.

After a while, the path continues uphill, rewarded with an even more beautiful view and nature.

After a few hours I reach Mund, the only village in Switzerland where saffron is grown, at 1200 meters above sea level. A sign informs me that I am not allowed to take saffron with me. I should have found some first.

After mouth it goes further up into the height. Afterwards I have to decide whether to hike directly down to Brig or try to stay in the high ground and avoid an ascent to Brig. I’m taking the turn-off for Belalp. As the path goes uphill, I decide to follow a forest road.

After some time I reach a tarred road which I walk along. At about 1400 meters above sea level, the road curves and I notice that I will probably only reach the Belalp with this road, but I will go in the direction of Fisch without going down into the valley. So I walk a few hundred meters back and walk down a meadow to another road. From there I march downhill towards Brig.

After about 6h 30min I reach Naters. There I see a turnoff to Visp with the time 2h 45min. After almost seven (!) hours I reach Brig with about 1000 meters higher in the bones.

Tip: The sun trail is highly recommended. Without detour it can be done in about four hours. You will be rewarded with lots of sunshine and a great view, but you also have to climb a few meters above sea level.