Up to the Goms via Stock and Stein

29. May 2016 | categories: Hiking

We write Sunday, May 15,2016 and I get up early in the morning and set off for the train station. I reach Brig at 8:10. First, I set my new poles to the right height (never walked with walking sticks before). Then I’ll head for Fiesch.

The route leads along the Rhône, Rotter or Rottu, as they are commonly known in Valais, to Bitsch. On the Rottuweg you can see the Swiss portal of the Simplon tunnel, which takes you by train to Domosossola, Italy.

In Bitsch the ascent starts off the Rottu. The trail follows the valley uphill to Mörel, where the cable car to Riederalp begins.

Continue on, steadily ascending to Betten Dorf, where a cable car takes you to Bettmer. You always have a view of the valley where the houses become smaller and smaller due to the height gained.

The trail leads through a forest to Martinsberg at 1350 meters above sea level.

After the alpine village, a narrow footpath leads down a forest and over a torrential stream to Rittina. From there it is about four kilometres to the centre of Fiesch, from where you can drive to the Eggishorn.

With bright and nice weather, I continue uphill in the Goms. After a good eight hours of hiking I reach Niederwald.

By train I drive back to Brig and from there I return home. In the more than eight hours of hiking time, I covered 1340 metres of ascent and 780 metres of descent at a total distance of 28.5 kilometres.