Heat in the Goms

3. July 2016 | categories: Hiking

We write the 22nd of June 2016 and I get up early in the morning, pack my last things and set off for Rümlang station. A few hours later, at 9:20 am I reach Niederwalden in Goms.

First the path goes flat to Blitzingen, which is already reached after about half an hour. Then decide to hike up to the Gommer Höhenweg. I reach it after another hour of hiking and 350 meters of altitude (1650 m above sea level).

So the altitude is reached? Far from it. The high-altitude trail continues to drive me up the altitude meters, albeit a bit more leisurely (the highest point of today’s hike is about 1800 meters above sea level). The ascent is somewhat strenuous, as the thermometer climbs almost to 30 degrees Celsius.

In the Selkigerchäller in the Walibachhütte I drink an apple spritzer and talk to the landlady. At 11:20 am I still a little too early for the supposedly so fine raclette on the fire. After a break of about 30 minutes I am on my way again.

The trail continues along the slope over meadows, streams and through forests. On the way I also meet many cows with horns. Once I’m glad that the cow isn’t aggressive when I have to go through 30 centimeters in front of her. It was in the middle of the road and it was locked off on the sides.

In between I take a break again and again, because the temperatures are amazingly high and my body has probably not yet got used to it this year. On the way I see flower meadows again and again.

In front of Münster the high trail goes down again in the direction of Thal. Before he goes back up into the air again, I double off and walk to Münster, which I reach after 5h 30min. I’m spoilt for choice. If I take the train to Brig or the train to Göschenen. With both ways I arrive in Rümlang at the same time. Since I have to change trains via Brig less often and there are shops in Brig right next to the train station, I decide to take the train to Brig.