Oberalp Pass

30. August 2016 | categories: Hiking

It is Thursday 25 August 2016 and the summer is at its best: it should be hot and sunny – ideal to go up into the sky. A colleague picks me up at 5:30 and we drive to Andermatt together.

At 7:30 a. m. we arrive at the station in Andermatt – the sun rises slowly – and hike towards the Oberalp pass. The path goes uphill after a short time.

After a considerable ascent, the path follows the pass road. Since it is still relatively early, there is hardly any traffic. After about 8 kilometres, a little more than 2.5 hours and an ascent of 600 metres we reach the Oberalpsee on the Oberalp Pass.

The trail goes a little further up to 2160 m above sea level. Afterwards it goes up and down through the beautiful landscape of Graub√ľnden. Past flower meadows and cows with dams.

On the way we meet two women who have already collected half a cauldron full of blueberries and pick a few ourselves. Over stick and stone it goes gradually again into somewhat deeper locations.

Photo: Andi Blöchliger

After almost eight hours we reach Sedrun. At the station we stop for a moment and hardly understand what is said at the other tables. We speak pure Surselvish, a Romansh dialect.

At 4 pm we take the train back to Andermatt.