Beautifully weather in Bünderland

6. October 2016 | categories: Hiking

The calendar sheet shows Wednesday, October 5,2016, I get up early in the morning and take the train to Sedrun. The views are magnificent. The weather forecast predicts ten hours of sunshine and cloudless weather. On the train I wonder when the sun will finally come up. Much more clouds do not fit there.

At 9.30 a. m. I reach Sedrun, put on my cap and start running. The weather app still feels like the sun is shining. My eyes tell me something else. Nevertheless, I am still on my way and enjoy the day off.

The majority of them go down this path. Shortly before Disentis I met a Dutchman, who rode his bike from Holland up the entire Rhine and is now getting closer to the finish. Shortly afterwards, after two hours of hiking I reach Disentis.

The path approaches the Rhine. At one point, the road was only provisionally prepared after a recent landslide. A little further ahead I meet a group from Civil Defence (where is Viktor Giacobbo?) who come back from lunch break to fix the trail. Then it goes up to Sumvitg.

Then the path leads down to Rabius.

There I arrive and order a Grisons dish. Maluns, one of my favourite dishes they don’t have during the wild time, but the pizokel on the autumn plate tastes quite good.

After lunch I walk on to Trun. There I have enough of the cold cloudy weather and wait for the next train. That’s where the little miracle happens. The sun shines on me for 30 seconds. Not quite ten hours, but at least half a minute of sunshine was allowed to me after the 24-kilometre hike.

Tip: The hike can be done without problems in shorter stages. The Grisons cuisine is very tasty.