Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein becomes Rhine

Monday, 27 February 2017: It is five o’ clock in the morning, I get up, have breakfast and set off for Graubünden. At 8:15 am I arrive at the station Versam-Safien. First I climb the slope to Versam, which is about 200 meters higher than the station. (more…)

Rhinoceros poaching remains a problem

Yesterday it became known that poachers in the French zoo of Thoiry killed a rhinoceros bull with three bullets and sawed off one of its horns. Already two years ago I reported about rhinoceros poaching at the NZZ during my internship (Umgebremsete Jagd auf Nashörner). For current reason I’ll give you a short update here. (more…)

Ice hiking along the Vorderrhein

It’s Saturday, February 25th. At 5 o’ clock the alarm clock rings me out of my bed. The weather forecast predicts fantastic weather with temperatures around freezing point. With warm clothes, I walk to the train station in St. Gallen. Shortly before 9am I reach Trun and head down the Vorderrhein. (more…)