Ice hiking along the Vorderrhein

6. March 2017 | categories: Hiking

It’s Saturday, February 25th. At 5 o’ clock the alarm clock rings me out of my bed. The weather forecast predicts fantastic weather with temperatures around freezing point. With warm clothes, I walk to the train station in St. Gallen. Shortly before 9am I reach Trun and head down the Vorderrhein.

At the beginning, the path on the sunny side leads uphill along the Rhine. But after a short time, I have to hike over a bridge and the shadowy slope. The path is therefore still covered with snow and ice. Fortunately, however, the path is wide, which is why a fall does not immediately lead to a slide down the slope.

At noon I reach Illanz. I’ll rest with a fine farmer’s rösti.

After Illanz, the path continues along the Rhine. At first it seems as if I’ve survived with the ice. But far from it, already after a short time the narrow path is icy, which made progress a little more difficult.

The trail leads through a nature reserve. In spring you can see rare birds breeding there.

Shortly before the end of the hike you can see different limestone formations at the Ruinaulta.

Shortly after the formation I reach the station Versam-Safien after almost 32km and 7h 20min. There I take the next train to Chur and go home.

Tip: Start the hike in Illanz and do it in May/June. On the one hand, the path is usually free of ice and on the other hand, the rare protected birds can be observed. The part in front of Illanz can be left out. The path from Illanz, on the other hand, offers many interesting sights. The trail takes about three hours and is 13km long. The path is not suitable for strollers.