Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein becomes Rhine

21. March 2017 | categories: Hiking

Monday, 27 February 2017: It is five o’ clock in the morning, I get up, have breakfast and set off for Graub√ľnden. At 8:15 am I arrive at the station Versam-Safien. First I climb the slope to Versam, which is about 200 meters higher than the station.

Arrived in the village, the path leads me straight down the valley. Approximately halfway down the descent, we go to the other side of the Versam Gorge over the Versam Bridge.

At the other end, the path follows the road. Fortunately, there is relatively little traffic and because of the narrow road, the drivers can’t drive fast anyway. After a while, the trail leaves the road and goes along the Ruinaulta gorge. After about three hours I return to civilization with Bonaduz.

The trail goes down to Reichenau, where the Vorder- and Hinterrhein rivers merge.

After Reichenau railway station, the trail goes for the first time around the entire gravel plant in Reichenau. As soon as you get to the bottom, you’re going up again to walk around the Ems-Chemie.

After that, the path is more or less flat. After Domat/Ems, I follow the Rhine to Chur, where I arrive tired after about 30 kilometers.

Tip: If you don’t want to walk up from Versam-Safien station, you can also take the Postbus. The way from Versam to Reichenau is worthwhile in several respects. Be it the imposing gorges, the beautiful older Versam bridge or the confluence of the two Rhine rivers.