Andermatt – Erstfeld: on the trail of the devil

19. December 2017 | categories: Travel

It’s April 10, 2017: At 4:30 a. m. the alarm clock pulls me out of my sleep. I get up, have breakfast and get on my way to the station. I travel to Andermatt by S-Bahn, Regio Express and Regiobahn. Because of the altitude, it is still quite fresh in April. I walk down the Schöllenen gorge towards Göschenen and cross the Devil’s Bridge, which according to legend could only be built with the help of the devil. But he wanted the first soul to cross the bridge. In the end, a farmer had an exciting idea and chased a goat across the bridge. The devil got angry and tried to destroy the bridge with a stone, but missed his target. He disappeared and never showed up again – according to the legend.

After a short time I reach Göschenen, where the old railway tunnel starts.

The path continues down the valley past the church of Wassen, which can be seen from four different points on the railway from all sides – top, front, back and bottom. At these points, the railway passes through a circular tunnel twice to overcome the difference in altitude.

The path continues towards Gurtnellen, often you can see the railway and the motorway. There is not much traffic, unlike during the holiday season, when the traffic jams are squeezed for miles through the valley.

After almost seven hours and over 32 kilometres I reach Erstfeld, the place where the new railway tunnel begins.

I’ll take the next train and get on my way home.

Tip: The trail from Andermatt to Göschenen is a beautiful and historically interesting hiking trail. You should allow a little more than an hour for it.