Airolo – Faido

26. February 2018 | categories: Hiking

The calendar shows the 7th of October 2017, the alarm clock rings me out of the bed early in the morning. After breakfast I put on my hiking shoes and go to Ticino – where the weather is nice today.  At about eight o’ clock the train leaves the old Gotthard tunnel and enters Airolo station. Although it is still quite cold with around four degrees, I start walking right away down the Leventina.


Soon the trail leads through a forest before you reach a meadow with a wonderful mountain panorama.

The hiking trail continue slowly down the valley.


The path continues on to Rodi-Fiesso, where the valley is narrow.


The trail then climbs slightly up in the forest before descending into the gorge. At the bottom it takes about an hour until Faido that I reach Faido after five hours of walking time. There I take the S-Bahn to Bellinzona and go home.

Karte Airolo - Faido