Faido – Biasca

23. June 2018 | categories: Hiking

The calendar page shows Saturday, October 28, 2017, early in the morning I get up and take the first train to Ticino. Via the old Gotthard route I reach Faido. There I make my way down Valle Laventina.


After one hour and 15 minutes I reach Lavorgo. From there the footpath first slightly uphill before it goes down into the valley. In the height you have a great view, how the track climbs the height.

Valle Laventina

The trail continues to Giornico.

After four hours I reach Bodio, which is about two hours before Biasca.


After 26 kilometers and 6h 20min I reach the station in Biasca. There you can see up to the beautiful waterfalls, where you can swim well in summer. I take the S-Bahn to Bellinzone and back to the north via the new Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Karte Faido - Biasca