Soazza – Arbedo

Spring is slowly approaching. It’s March 27, 2018. Today I want to hike the rest of the San Bernadino route. With the first connection I drive to Bellinzona and from there with the post bus direction San Bernadino. In Soazza I get off and walk down the valley. (more…)

Bellinzona – Ascona

It’s Sunday, February 18th. Early in the morning I get up and set off for Ticino through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. In Bellinzona I leave the train and set off on foot towards Mago Maggiore.

First the trail goes to the river Ticino. The path then follows the river. Despite winter there is no snow. But in the morning the ground is still frozen. Shortly before the lake I cross the last bridge and walk along the road and the airport to the other side of the valley until just before Riazzino another hiking trail begins.