Soazza – Arbedo

Spring is slowly approaching. It’s March 27, 2018. Today I want to hike the rest of the San Bernadino route. With the first connection I drive to Bellinzona and from there with the post bus direction San Bernadino. In Soazza I get off and walk down the valley. (more…)

Bellinzona – Ascona

It’s Sunday, February 18th. Early in the morning I get up and set off for Ticino through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. In Bellinzona I leave the train and set off on foot towards Mago Maggiore.

First the trail goes to the river Ticino. The path then follows the river. Despite winter there is no snow. But in the morning the ground is still frozen. Shortly before the lake I cross the last bridge and walk along the road and the airport to the other side of the valley until just before Riazzino another hiking trail begins.


Biasca – Bellinzona

January 30, 2018, 4:45 am: The alarm clock rings. I get up, pack the last things, warm clothes, hat and gloves, eat breakfast and set off for the station. With the first S-Bahn at 5:37 I reach the main station. From there, take the EC towards Venice. Shortly after the longest tunnel in the world I reach Bellizona. I take the S-Bahn back to Biasca. Warmly dressed — it is only just over zero degrees Celsius — I set out from the village to the river Ticino.


Faido – Biasca

The calendar page shows Saturday, October 28, 2017, early in the morning I get up and take the first train to Ticino. Via the old Gotthard route I reach Faido. There I make my way down Valle Laventina.

Airolo – Faido

The calendar shows the 7th of October 2017, the alarm clock rings me out of the bed early in the morning. After breakfast I put on my hiking shoes and go to Ticino – where the weather is nice today.  At about eight o’ clock the train leaves the old Gotthard tunnel and enters Airolo station. Although it is still quite cold with around four degrees, I start walking right away down the Leventina. (more…)


It’s August 23,2017,7:00 in the morning. I reach Wasserauen with the Appenzellerbahn. I’m about to start my ascent. (more…)


It’s August 20, 2017: At 04:30 in the morning the alarm clock rings me out of bed. Soon I’ll be on the train to Valais. At 9 o’ clock I reach Fiesch and start climbing the Eggishorn.

First, the trail leads a narrow hiking trail up the forest to the valley station of the chairlift “Heimat”. The trail then follows a gravel road to Fiescheralp.


San Bernadino Pass

It’s May 25, 2017. Early in the morning my alarm clock is getting me out of my sleep. After a good breakfast I walk to the train station and take the train to Bonaduz. I reach it at 9 a. m. and head straight for Thusis. (more…)

Andermatt – Erstfeld: on the trail of the devil

It’s April 10, 2017: At 4:30 a. m. the alarm clock pulls me out of my sleep. I get up, have breakfast and get on my way to the station. I travel to Andermatt by S-Bahn, Regio Express and Regiobahn. Because of the altitude, it is still quite fresh in April. I walk down the Schöllenen gorge towards Göschenen and cross the Devil’s Bridge, which according to legend could only be built with the help of the devil. (more…)

Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein becomes Rhine

Monday, 27 February 2017: It is five o’ clock in the morning, I get up, have breakfast and set off for Graubünden. At 8:15 am I arrive at the station Versam-Safien. First I climb the slope to Versam, which is about 200 meters higher than the station. (more…)

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