Rhinoceros poaching remains a problem

Yesterday it became known that poachers in the French zoo of Thoiry killed a rhinoceros bull with three bullets and sawed off one of its horns. Already two years ago I reported about rhinoceros poaching at the NZZ during my internship (Umgebremsete Jagd auf Nashörner). For current reason I’ll give you a short update here. (more…)

Why the magic formula was never broken and the SVP should get two seats

Today, Ruedi Noser and Philipp Müller were elected as the last two council of states members. This completes the Federal Parliament. In Switzerland, the parliament consists of two equivalent chambers. A member of the Council of States thus has a greater influence than one in the National Council, since the Council of States is made up of 46 members, but the National Council is made up of 200 members, which means that a Council of States has about as much power as 4.35 National Council members. (more…)

In Africa, many are still affected by extreme poverty Translated with

In 2000, the heads of state and government of the UN General Assembly decided, among other things, to halve extreme poverty. This goal was achieved. Nevertheless, over one billion people still live in extreme poverty. The article shows where extreme poverty has decreased and where it is still high.  (more…)