Der Berg-Karabach-Konflikt

Seit Ende September ist der Konflikt in Berg-Karabach wieder entflammt. Dieser Blogbeitrag ist das Ergebnis einer mehrstündigen Recherche und den Versuch, den Konflikt besser zu verstehen. Ich habe versucht, die Quellen einzuschätzen. Nichts desto trotz kann es sein, dass ich gewisse Fakten übersehen habe oder sich gewisse Punkte als falsch erweisen. Wer Korrekturen oder Ergänzungen hat, soll sich bitte bei mir melden. Am liebsten mit Quellen, da sonst die Aussagen wenig Wert haben.


Why this year’s US election campaign was different

The initial situation was actually clear. The politician-experienced Hillary Clinton competed against political newcomer Donald Trump. And yet it turned out differently than many expected. An analysis of the US presidential elections. (more…)

Why the magic formula was never broken and the SVP should get two seats

Today, Ruedi Noser and Philipp Müller were elected as the last two council of states members. This completes the Federal Parliament. In Switzerland, the parliament consists of two equivalent chambers. A member of the Council of States thus has a greater influence than one in the National Council, since the Council of States is made up of 46 members, but the National Council is made up of 200 members, which means that a Council of States has about as much power as 4.35 National Council members. (more…)

In Africa, many are still affected by extreme poverty Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

In 2000, the heads of state and government of the UN General Assembly decided, among other things, to halve extreme poverty. This goal was achieved. Nevertheless, over one billion people still live in extreme poverty. The article shows where extreme poverty has decreased and where it is still high.  (more…)

Will the immunity of Markwalder and Müller be cancelled?

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office wants to investigate the two FDP National Councils Christa Markwalder and Walter Müller. She sees sufficient evidence for criminal proceedings. Since they are both members of the National Council, they are subject to immunity. The bar has now filed a motion that the immunity for the two politicians be lifted. But what are the chances that the immunity of the two parliamentarians will be waived? (more…)