On the most directway to Brig

Early in the morning I get out of bed. After a good breakfast I will soon be on the train to Valais. At 8:20 am I reach Visp shortly after the end of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. Follow the trail to Brig, which is signposted with 2h 45min.

Well, who goes well, who goes without leads.

It’s Saturday, March 19th. I get up at 4:30 a. m., have breakfast and get on my way to the station. At 8:20 am I reach Leuk and head towards Visp/Brig.

Hiking is my source of energy!

It is Saturday March, 12th 2016, 4:50 a.m. I’m getting ready to hike. Since I’m a little late, I run the last hundred yards to the station. Luckily, the S-Bahn is also a little late. But just as I’m running on the platform, the train starts its journey. But instead of driving away, he only drives towards me and lets me get in. That’s what I call a service. (more…)

Hiking is the most perfect way to discover true life.

Six o’ clock in the morning the alarm clock rings and after a good breakfast I take the train to Baar. At nine o’ clock I reach Baar after a few minutes delay and walk off. After just a few metres, the fog enters Zug. From Zug I walk along the lake, from where I can hardly see anything but five meters of water at the shore. After about three hours of fog migration (the weather forecast predicted sunny weather) I finally get out of the fog in Meierskappel. (more…)

Whoever wants to walk in joy, go to meet the sun

It’s 4:40. I get up, have breakfast and take the first S-Bahn to Zurich. Afterwards I climb the IC to Valais. I reach Martigny at 8:50. Although the weather forecast is bright and beautiful, the weather forecast shows that it will soon be foggy.

Only where you’ve been on foot, you’ve been real.

Shortly after eleven o’ clock a good sleep I get on my way to the train station and take the S-Bahn to Zurich main station. There I get something to drink on the way and head along the Limmat in the direction of Lake Zurich.


It’s probably one of the most beautiful things there is to hike a country.

At six o’ clock I get up and strengthen myself with a good breakfast. I’m driving with my parents to Vevey, which we reach at eleven o’ clock. I say goodbye to them and wish them a wonderful holiday in Spain. Then I march off towards the Valais. (more…)

At least you will miss one thing at the destination of your desires: your hiking to the destination

At 4:30 a. m. the alarm clock rings out of my sleep. Soon I’ll be on the train to Lausanne. Between Zurich and Olten there is an announcement that the train will be rerouted due to a route interruption outside Lenzburg. On the smartphone I find out that it’s a contact line fault. There I also find out about another disturbance in the overhead line between Lausanne and Geneva. The Intercity then only goes as far as Lausanne. The Regioexpress to Coppet is delayed, but it can travel as far as Coppet because the route is already restricted again. So I arrived in Coppet with only a short delay despite two disturbances. (more…)

The landscape is conquered with the soles of shoes, not with car tires Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

It’s 4:30. The alarm clock suddenly rips me out of my dreams. About an hour later I was on the train to Lausanne. With the Interregio we continue to Rolle, which I reach at 9:45 am. With nice weather I start the hike. (more…)

Though man has two legs, he can only walk one way Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

The alarm clock is ringing. It’s Sunday morning at 4:45. After a fine breakfast I’m on my way to the train station St. Gallen and take the ICN to Lausanne. The train arrives in Lausanne at 9:15 am. I’m on my way to Geneva. (more…)

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