Capstone: StatGuide – creating a digital platform for personalized methods education (MA) (German)

25. March 2024

Many students find it difficult to navigate through the complicated world of statistical models. To address this challenge, the IPZ collaborates with the StatGuide initiative – a project to create a novel digital learning platform for quantitative methods. The StatGuide platform facilitates the planning and the execution of empirical analyses, guiding students from data to results through decision-support tools and knowledge assets. StatGuide lowers the learning barrier for empirical methods, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of statistical concepts and to develop methodological strategies with greater confidence. Course contents: In this Capstone course, we will jointly conceptualize, write, and design the e-learning content for the StatGuide platform. Specifically, we will work as a team to develop step-by-step guides to help future generations of students to understand and apply common quantitative methods, such as linear regression or logit models. The guides we develop will be published on the StatGuide platform, to serve as a personalized digital learning resource for students. Benefit to you: – Deepen your knowledge of quantitative methods – a differentiating skill in both academia and the private sector – Contribute to the development of an innovative digital platform for personalized methods education – Contribute to advancing the teaching at UZH – Take responsibility for planning and executing project tasks – Publish your work results as a new learning resource