The Influence of Education and Occupation on Attitudes toward Globalization

27. June 2021

This bachelor thesis examines the influence of education and profession on attitudes towards globalization. With the adoption of the so-called mass immigration initiative, this topic became more explosive and topical. The method used is ordered logistic regression together with predicted probabilities. It is shown that the level of education has a high influence on the attitude towards globalization. In the case of occupation, it is shown that it does not matter how much the job can be outsourced. On the other hand, the influence of unemployment is very strong in the occupational group. Service workers, for example, are much more in favor of renegotiating the free movement of persons than nurses. It also shows that the influence of unemployment in the occupational group is higher than the person’s level of education. In occupational groups with high unemployment, the influence of education becomes insignificant.