About me


Name Benjamin Schlegel
Birthday February, 2nd 1989
Address (Home) Ifangstr. 76
CH-8153 Rümlang
Tel. +41 (0)43 539 25 89
Address (business) Affolternstr. 56
CH-8050 Zürich
Tel. +41 (0)44 634 62 08
Birthplace St. Gallen (CH)
Job Assistent and PhD candidate political sience
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AFS, Aktion Vielfalt, Courage CivilJunge Journalisten SchweizSACSingschule St. GallenSolidaritätshaus St. GallenSolidaritätsnetz OstschweizSP Sektion Rümlang, SyndicomTink.ch, VCS, wandern.ch

About me

The possibility to change something has always driven me. After a year at the ETH, I was so interested in politics, that I decided to move to the University of Zurich and study political science in the main subject. I specialize in Swiss politics and political data journalism. Since 2016 I am an assistant at the chair of methods and write my PhD thesis about strategic voting.

I was interested in computers and technology early on. Already with 15 I programmed my first website and since then I have been constantly learning. Through the secondary studies in business informatics I was able to learn additional techniques and improve my programming style. During the speculialization in the master in data journalism, I learned the JavaScript library D3, to create more complex interactive graphics.

Big data is the future – the statistics program R helps to deal with data of any size. The application helps to calculate models, graphics, create and clean data, and a lot more. During my study in political science we learned it and with my computer science knowledge I am even able to programm new packages which makes analysing for me and many other people easier.

It was always fascinating to be able to capture moments with just one click. Already at the primary school I have a photo camera bought and my first pictures shot. Towards the end of the gymnasium I took my first reflex camera and since then I shot over 50’000 pictures.